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The Well-done and the Could-be-better

What I'm really itching to do is get out of the house, visit Powell's downtown, and have lunch out before my lessons. But I'm here writing because I may as well get my WT post out of the way before I do all that.

My results this week were a little bit mixed. On the good side:

  1. Abstaining from alcohol all week was a good move. I feel great.
  2. Excluding my phone from the bedroom all week was very clearly the right thing to do. It's helped me sleep and the RSI I was starting to feel in my left arm over the past few weeks is completely gone.
  3. I made my weight-loss goal thanks to no alcohol and deliberately light eating, and set a new goal.
  4. Ate very light and healthy all week long.
  5. Keeping up trivial maintenance things like shaving every day and keeping the kitchen clean, getting my haircut on schedule and doing my laundry each week: when I neglect them I feel like my life is disintegrating around the edges, but when I do them I feel like I'm maintaining things and staying on top of life. This is way out of proportion to their actual importance but doing them really helps so I try to do them.
  6. I've done a lot of writing and I feel like I'm getting back to the place I used to be with it.
  7. Set up my Medium account to (hypothetically) earn money, and published a couple short pieces there.
  8. Recorded and posted another improvisation.
  9. Read books a lot a lot, internet garbage only a very little.
  10. Drank a lot more tea and a lot less coffee.

Things to improve upon next week:

  1. Woke up hung over on Monday, which was a harsh reminder that Sunday is a school night. Oops. I'll do better in a couple days.
  2. Unable to work out on Monday thanks to that idiocy, and that kind of punched a hole in my motivation for exercise all week long. Last night's short walk around the neighborhood was the most walking I've done all week.
  3. Didn't work on any of my long range projects, which I'm starting to feel antsy about. I'm not going to list them here because that is a project for the cafe at Powell's or wherever I have lunch today.

So that was the well-done and the could-be-better of my past week. Time to go do the rest of my Friday and then the weekend with all its fun!

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