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Willpower: what happened to your resolutions

New Year resolutions are great, I've written about mine or rather the lack of concrete once here before. For last and this year my resolution was to change one of my defaults to "less" we'll see how that goes.

Many of these resolutions are formed during the winter vacation, where spirits are high, and stress (hopefully) is low. We plan to eat healthier while adding a Christmas belly, we plan to be more active while watching TV with the family, we plan to save more money while having just bought gifts in a family arms race.

Then New Years hits us, we want to implement all those changes, we want to be better. Great the first workday hits us. Lots of emails we quietly ignored, new plans are made at work while the old plans are overdue. Coworkers all with good intentions bring their new energy to work equally overwhelming each other. And you are exhausted...

It starts small. You just need another mermaid coffee you know will kick your brain the right way. You have no energy to get to the gym you signed up for online. Everybody is ordering from this new pizza place and you join. Not because you have forgotten about your plan to cut down on carbs and spending, but because your willpower to stand against the group is exhausted.

Two weeks pass and the coffee, food, exercises, and money plans are back to nominal. But on the emotional side you are in a net loss. Unhappy you didn't achieve what you set out to do with nothing changed. If you are lucky you moved the needle slightly to better defaults - you now don't get extra sugar in your coffee you switched to stevia.

Making New Year resolutions while relaxed is like shopping while hungry. You end up with more than you need or can use and end up feeling bad about it. Maybe year try New Month Resolution or ORKs instead.


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