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the lost spoon haunts me

Right now I am sitting at the airport, flying domestically to be there for my mother as she gets her PhD on Wednesday. I had half a coffee, the rest I shared with my coat, pants and the table. Reading the latest Owen, Sophie and Femke and struggling to find something interesting to write about. And by "interesting" I don't mean "interesting" to my audience, but "interesting' for me to think through and hammer out on my stubborn fruit-laptop-pro keyboard.

Spoons, spoons, spoons and other silverware. When you buy them for yourself there are a few reasons why: you moved in by yourself, your family grew, your having guests, your style has changed and you want something fitting, you are missing a few things from your set.

Losing a fork or a spoon can also happen in various ways. Some of the ways I have personally lost silverware are: Threw a knife away with the potatopeels it just removed. Another Knife was left on the negoiu mountain as I placed it between some rocks after lunch and forgot about it. A fork got lost on a road trip, circumstances unknown. And the spoon, oh that damned spoon is the biggest mystery.

It was not even my own spoon, it was the Co-Working's kitchen spoon. I was having a late lunch and was alone in the kitchen. I had ordered a salad and was eating it with a spoon (don't judge me fork-lovers). After I was finished I threw away the container, washed my glass and the spoon - oh no - where is the spoon. It had vanished. Checked the trash, maybe I threw it away with the container - nope, maybe I left it in the fridge - nope, maybe it is in my pocket? - nope. I spent a whole 20 minutes looking for the spoon and was not able to find it. I had not left the kitchen, nobody else left or entered, yet I checked all surfaces, under the table, retraced all the moves I remembered making in that kitchen since last I had the spoon in my hands but nothing. I had to get back to work and gave up on it. This has been 2 years ago and I still sometimes think about that spoon - where did it go? Did I witness something paranormal? Did someone prank me? I will likely never know



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