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[Q73] The Job 3

Why are there so many jobs lately? Was I the only one doing this? Should I keep accepting jobs? Should I worry?

The last destination on the list was a dog park. I had been there before once for a special delivery. Something I had done only once before: an in-person handover. The instructions were not completely decoded yet so I would find out more at the destination.

I had the brick-sized security box in my backpack. From the bit of handling I did, I could tell it was light but tightly packed. A shake would not create any sounds.

There were five men with a total of ten dogs in the small area, unexpectedly busy for an afternoon. "Beep" - the decode asked for my attention - "white poodle". Now I knew what I who looking out for. I went in, approached a bold man in his late fifties wearing large glasses. His flat cap didn't hide his boldness well, presumably, it was not supposed to. He sat on a bench and was looking at his phone and a white poodle was playing with a rope-toy in front of him.

"Nice dog," I tried to smile as I said it, but there was glare from the reflection of his glasses. He smiled back. "Oh, this is not my only dog, let me show you some pictures," he said and put his phone down followed by taking a decoder out of his pocket.

We touched the decoders back to back and a green checkmark appeared. Followed by the message:

"You are hereby retired, keep the last box as a token of our gratitude and leave the decoder - wiping data ..."

I hesitated, there were a few things going through my head: "Did I do something wrong? What would I do next?" I had to smoke first.

The man must have gotten a different message as his smile vanished. "Hand it over and leave now!" he said in an acrimonious tone. I gave him the decoder and set down – letting myself fall against the back of the bench hard enough to make both the bench and my back make a cracking sound. Happy I complied he hastily leashed his dog and left.


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