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[Q73] The Job 2

These jobs were almost routine. The reason they kept choosing me for these jobs is because I don't look like much. If you saw me in a supermarket, you would not have taken a second look. Same goes for the bank, the business area or downtown.

Most jobs followed the same structure:

  1. Go to place A pick up box X.
  2. Go to place B exchange X for Y.
  3. Drop Y at A.

Sometimes there were time limits or more items to juggle – that brought in bonuses. I knew this jobs could not be above board, otherwise they would not pay me 50 for each swap. But what did I care.

That day there were six actions, more than usual which was great, it would cover rent for the week. As I arrived in the area the device beepend and asked for my pin. After punching the required digits in it showed "Dodo Supermarket, Box 12 , 8223".

I pulled next to the supermarket, left the warning lights on and got out. Box 12 referred to those pin-code lockboxes where customers can leave their bags. My technique was simple: as long as you behave as expected, nobody will notice.

I went to Box 12, they all had tinted glass and I could not see if there is something inside. I entered the code and place a empty bag I had in the car inside. Then I entered the store and put water and some fruits in a shopping basket. Paid cash got to Box 12 and put the items inside together with the dark box that was waiting under the bag. Out the door into the car. Simple as ever

For the next destination I placed the decoder on the box. A green check mark appeared on the right of the first line and the next address appeared.

Meanwhile at the apartment:

"He left for a job," she softly spoke into the phone. "Yes I do have the recording, I will send it to you now". Raising her voice "Nothing bad will happen to him, right? That was the deal!"


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