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[Q73] The Job

I clamped the phone between my left ear and shoulder, lighting another cigarette. Exhaling I said, "Yes, I'm available ... Ahem the usual fee ... OK, One second I'll grab it". I waved at her to bring the decoder. She took the iPod looking device out of its nook behind the coathanger. Ten seconds after pushing the power button she entered my pin-code. After seeing me enter it dozens of times she started doing it. She loved to help me and I didn't mind. She handed it to me and I put the phone on speaker.

"Ready!" I said in a louder voice, then the phone started a screeching sound for a few seconds then the call disconnected. A green light on the side of the device started blinking. "I will never get used to that annoying sound, is there no better way?" She asks. "I don't know honey, let's see what we got this time" I replied as I stepped back inside. Now out of the glaring light, I could actually see something on the display of the device.

"That's more than usual" I sighed, pushing the power button to turn it off. Turning to her I said: "I'll probably be gone for a few hours. You ok staying here? First stop is west of Brighthall, I can drop you off somewhere along the way if you want?"

"That's ok" she replied, smiling at me. She continued "Don't worry about me – I have my own plans for today. Just be careful and text me when you're on your way back"

I text the number "ETA1600" and started moving towards the door. Passing her, I kissed her on the left cheek. "You know, I always text you."

Although it was a warm spring day I took my jacket. Too warm to put it on, so I swang it over my shoulder. Hearing the car keys jingle, I stepped out into the building hallway.


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