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Real-Time Aversion

A few months back I finally got my driver's licence at age 31. I didn't need it before but when I finally got started it was far from natural for me. I did travel many thousand kilometers as a co-pilot across Europe but when I had to take the wheel everything was overwhelming and I really struggled to the point of almost giving up twice. I could not accept this to be my fault (wink), so I came up with a theory: I and many other young people suffer from Real-Time Aversion!

For the sake of scalability some human activities have been moved from realtime to asynchronous. Phone calls to Texting, Cashiers to Self Checkout, Cooking to Meal prep, Ordering things online. So then what are the most prevalent real-time activities? Playing sports, driving, working with direct human interaction.

As a software developer my work revolves around thinking through a situation and finding solutions. In realtime you don't get the luxury of time. So in order to make life simpler I choose non-realtime options. I believe this is changing society over time. We are seeing more people using async tools to hide themselves from society.

One strange thing I saw people doing is sending async voice clips, but in a row. So they were having a walkie-talkie-type conversation using async voice messages on whatsapp. At that point I would prefer having a voice call.

I often like (mostly jokingly) to find mirrors of present day problems in prehistoric times. Here the hunters (realtime) and gatherers (non-realtime) are the prime examples for different ways to approach work. In the Hunters case: a second of non-attention and you remain hungry. As a gatherer you can take time to smell the flowers. I do like smelling flowers.

Or this is all in my head and I just live in the city with the worst traffic in Europe


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