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On my writing

WIth the streak going past 20 days I start to feel this is getting harder. It starts to remind me of when I last picked up running. It's fun, I don't overdo it and it works as long as I don't have excuses. I did it every day and it was great for a total of 3 weeks. But then it was raining and I skipped one day, and then the next day I was very tired, but allowed myself not to run as the precedent was already set.

So the same could happen with writing. I have written far less fiction that I planned initially, and have worked in both: stories I tell all the time (desert bike) and hypothesis that roam around my head (realtime aversion). I do have 50 more stories I could write up - things I have shared many times before and my wife would roll her eyes if I told them yet again at a dinner table with guests. But is that keeping me on the right path? Yes, some posts are cathartic, others help me sort my own thoughts ( like this one ?) so those will keep happening, but I should get started with one of my bigger ideas.

There are a few things like drafts on the worlds I want to build, lists of character names and scaffold things like that which probably fit better into a google docs as it would require lots of revisions. So probably I will prepare those ahead of writing the daily words.

Doable and this year I got a trick up my sleeves - y'all! Peer pressure is a great motivator for both good and bad. And when I open Telegram and see all the posts fly by , written by people whose name I remember. When people say its a journey that often feels too pompous, I would say so far writetogether has been a stroll along an interesting river ready to start flowing faster and getting some cool twists and turns


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