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[Q73] Morning

I woke up but didn't open my eyes, there was a sound of water - I realized it was the toilet flushing. My arms felt weak and my stomach quickly told me it was unhappy with my actions last night. I turned around on my left side, rolling on top of the blanket. It was cold and somewhat moist and the room had the familiar smell of cigarettes. Let's hope there are still some

Slowly opening my eyes. I could see a few slithers of light passing through the blinds. I don't remember if they even work, have not pulled them up in a long time. She smiled at me and said "Hey" - her usual chipper self - followed by an "All ok?". How could she be with me? After a few breaths of the stale air, the room made me feel disgusting. "Yea, fine", I answered. I got up, took the pack and lighter from the floor and tumbled into the bathroom. As I stepped on the tiles I noticed a cold sensation: I was wearing only the left sock.

After a few seconds of just standing there I decided not to throw up and lit the first of the day. It did everything I hoped - I could start thinking again, ignoring all the unpleasant things and almost smiling. "When did we go to bed?" I yelled around the corner from the bathroom towards the only other room. "Five-ish, last job came it at 4. It's now almost noon", she says while stepping closer. "Here", handing me a towel, "It's fresh, just take a shower."

The water was cold at first, I didn't mind, I just stood there. It got warmer or I got used to it. Using the last of the shampoo I got ready. Now the apartment felt even dirtier. I put on what looked to be halfway clean clothes and stepped on the balcony. She was talking on the phone and handed it to me: "They need you ... again" - rolling her eyes, she said.


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