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[Q73] At the Lab

"We just received the new sample, we need to analyze it like 5 minutes ago" you could hear Andre the lab-admin yell. "I hate these rush jobs," Alex said to his colleague. "The last time it took 6 hours to get something useful out of the stream and it was too late anyway" he continued. "At this point, it would easier to just beat the info out of them – but we are civilized after all," Michelle replied.

Michelle loaded up the shared drive to the New Samples folder, dragged it to her desktop. "Hey Alex, check this out: while you were on vacation I did make some modification to the decoder software." Alex pushed his legs against the table, flinging himself on the office chair across to Michelle's table, almost spilling his still warm coffee on his shirt. She loaded up the decoder software. "Our problem was that the digital signal processing was not clean enough, so even if we knew how to decrypt the data it looked like junk. I found this guy on youtube explaining how you could use an adversarial neural network to tweak the settings and I was able to get some data out of an older broadcast". "You are not getting paid enough Michelle," Alex said and took another sip. "How far did you get?" he continued. "I'll just show you"

The fan of her laptop started spinning hard for a few seconds and the decoder finished its run. "Good thing we have the numerical key, otherwise the AES256 would be out of our range" Alex nodded smilingly as some clear text words flew by on the terminal followed by a garble of hexadecimal signs.

Dodo Supermarket, Box 12, 8223

Michell got up turning around to see where Andre was but couldn't see him. "Hey Andre," she said in a loud and cheerful voice, "I think the detective needs to go shopping rather quickly!". Alex burst out in a short laugh.


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