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Character description: Maria, the podcaster

Maria Kuvora loves words and emotions. She reads dozens and dozens of books as a little girl and teenager, and yet, she managed to establish lovely friendships, have boyfriends and a girlfriend, and do well at school. She wasnt' the A girl, not the popular one. She was just there, non-threatening, easy to talk to, happy to help, clever and good at public speaking. She won a few awards for this and not only she perfected her non-verbal communication, tone and diction with time, Maria always had a lovely voice. One that would draw you in. The moment she started speaking, you wanted her to be at bed and let her talk until you fell sleep cozily and worry-free.

Marรญa went to journalism school, thinking this would be a good way to continue her reading and practice her writing. It would also be a way to connect with people, follow real loves stories and engage deeply with others. Unlike many of her fellow highs-chool mates, she accomplished what she had set to do by going into this field even though she didn't became a reporter per se. Mid-university, she started a newsletter about writers, but they worked more like essay-poems about something an author was passionate about. Her first newsletter was titled: Shakespeare on betrayal and love. Her weekly e-mails became popular, growing outside the confines of the school.

Eventually, while working at an online magazine for women, a friend suggested that she started a podcast and... she did. She took part of her newsletter concept and started to look for interesting characters that would allow her to interview them.

Maria is now a trailblazer of this kind of podcast and she continues to d a great job. Unfortunately, no one knows that she's been helping her sister May to pay incredibly high amounts of debt for gambling. The stress of this is affecting her work and daily life. May and Maria were never that close, but without parents and living in the same city, they're all they have left.


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By Ivette Yanez Soria


Trying to practice fiction writing. Mexican with passion for all things millennial: traveling, photography and social justice.

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