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On Mourning

A senator today said that confronting your enemies is easy, but confronting your friends is difficult. This is true. Taking it a step further though, I'd add on by saying confronting one's own self is the most difficult.

Sympathy is absent for today's protestors and domestic terrorists who waged literal and metaphorical war on democracy. I may not be proud to be an American right now, but I am still grateful to be one.

Deep belief, whether in something or someone is not foreign to me. My Christian values are core to my identity. In fact, I don't know my identity apart from Christ. I love that about my faith. The challenging part though about giving yourself away to something else, whether it be a person, religion, value system, etc. is that when confronted by an opposing force there are two options: dig further into what you already believe while disregarding what is coming against you or allowing for the possibility that some aspect of what you hold to be true is gray or at worst, completely wrong.

Confrontation is tough for most people. I find it's the toughest when reflected in the mirror and all we're left with is the reality of what we see in its reflection. Many like what they see. Most don't. I imagine for quite a few today, looking into the mirror was one of the most difficult rituals.

My heart is grieving for those who have given themselves, their families, their time, their resources, their dignity, and their identities to a political figure: Trump.

When backed into a corner most have the response of violence. Fight or flight. Today, on every news channel in the world, that scenario played out for all of us. A spectacle like no other in our day, at least not here in America. Today's events are sadly unsurprising. But, like the death of my mother after years of alcoholism, my heart mourns. It mourns for our nation and its division. I mourn for those who have deceived themselves and feel the need to resort to violence. I mourn for those who continue to belittle and shame those who pushed them into that corner. I mourn for the brokenness of our humanity and its trust in people rather than in Jesus.

The book of Matthew says that blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted. My prayer is that my mourning is holy and pure, and not influenced by agenda or opinion. Today, I think Jesus would have wept over what took place. Now that I think about it, I'm sure He weeps every day over what takes place, especially those events that will never be known or televised. A man of sorrows, acquainted with grief is how Isaiah describes Jesus. I feel that.

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