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On Eyeglasses

They always seem to be sliding down the bridge of my large schnoz. My handmade, Italian acrylic glasses seem more exhausted me. They don't have a newborn. Their only activity is to sit still (which I suppose anyone who is soldered into one place for too long gets antsy eventually).

Perhaps they are tired of looking at screens all day, and their glacial movement is designed to remind me to close my eyes or blink, or god-forbid, breathe. Truthfully, it's not their fault that my nose is oilier than is best for them to rest comfortably. I blame them for their inconvenient agitation, forcing my pointer finger to up from the keyboard to push them back into place, like a sergeant chastising a new recruit. It's not their fault. I put them in this situation; I must take responsibility for my actions.

I wonder if glasses are a lot like America. It's easy to put the sole blame of others' actions on themselves while taking no ownership of the reasons that pushed them to rebellion. Have they been forced into a place that stewed resentment and unrest? A boiling pot even needs to let out steam before it overflows. Have we assigned such little value and humanity to those who disagree with us to where we simply tell them, like our glasses, to stay still and stop making a commotion? Are we culpable in constantly telling them to get back in line or else?

A prayer I've been encouraged to daily pray is: "Jesus, help me to give myself away to others, being kind to everyone I meet."

Although my spectacles can be annoying, inconvenient, and frustrating with their incessant determination to subtly fall of my face, sealing their broken fate, I still take care of them. I care for them by ensuring they don't have scratches. I clean the lenses. I adjust the screws. I put them safely in a case in the bathroom. Their provision of clarity amounts to more than their deficiencies and protests.

How much more then should we care for people, regardless of their inconvenience and ability to frustrate?

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By Carter Moore

I am a digital and brand marketer at Nike by day. At night I am a multitude of things: a philosopher, a theologian, a lover, a dreamer, a pessimist, an optimist, a photographer, a writer Daily trying to practice the way of Christ

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