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Marks of the Makers

Here is a bold prediction: In 2019, we will see the first wave of new tools and services launched by independent makers that will completely reshape the landscape of digital tools and services – and the way how we will look at software companies as we know it.

There we go, I said it. And now you probably still stick around because you wonder how exactly this is going to happen. Well, here's a little secret: The revolution has already started and you haven't even noticed it.

The backbone of all those fundamental changes is the infrastructure big companies and startups have been building up over the last decade. And by continuously improving it along the way, they made it so easy to use, that by now a single skilled person or anyone with just enough time and drive to figure shit out is capable of launching a software company.

Just go and get a domain from GoDaddy, boot up a server from AWS with a preconfigured React template and Stripe integration, add something you can sell on your shop and book some ads on Instagram – voila, now you have a business. As long as you can read, write and know how to use Google and YouTube, this is your time.

The more tech giants are growing and exploiting their customer base to turn them into profit by bombarding them with ads, notifications and messages, the more the desire is growing to silence them or even shutting them out completely of our lives. We don't want to see more ads. We don't want to get more recommendations. We don't want to receive more mails and notifications. We want to be left alone with all this shit, mind our business and get shit done.

Just look at the numbers. People are inhaling all those productivity books, posts and tweets in order to figure out how to survive in this ocean of information crashing in on our heads every fucking single day. We are living in a post information world. The tough part is not anymore how to access the right information, but how not to drown in them.

This digital dilemma big tech has created for themselves by holding their user's lifetime hostage creates the breeding ground of new opportunities. And independent makers are building on it. The behemoth platforms big tech has been building up are getting systematically dismantled into smaller products and services, which can much better focus on the individual needs of a given task, as well as a user's increasing need for privacy and time.

It has never been easier to start something new, tell people about it and get paid for it. Now is the time to take down the monopolies bit by bit and create the diversity in tools and services we so desperately need.

In case you looked for the summary I intentionally left out at the top, here it is:

  • We are tired of getting exploited by the platforms which use our own data to steal our time
  • We have now the means and the motivation to free ourselves from the shackles of those who digitally enslave us
  • We will see the rise of independently developed tools to move systematically against key features of big platforms, dismantling their core business one tool at a time

Here's to freedom.


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