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We aren't made to be passive. To sit back with our feet up, expecting the world to do everything for us.

But we aren't made to push too hard either. I don't believe we're made to force things to happen, to fight against the elements and push our way through.

Sure, there are times when these statements fall flat. There are times when we should be more passive. When we should just step back and step out of the way.

And there are times when we need to fight. To push against what's pushing against us. To throw off the enemy that is wrestling for our soul.

But for me, I feel more and more that there's this balance. Some balance between sitting back, and taking control. Some strange in-between, where I'm active, but flowing with what's around me, rather than trying to force it to become what I would decide it to be.

I think the best metaphor for this is dance. I'm not much of a dancer, but I see the elegance in dance. The way you flow together, each playing an active part whilst not trying to force their will.

In some ways I feel like life is supposed to be like this dance. We're supposed to be like those dancers, looking in each others eyes, moving each other around the room, step to step.

Not all of us are ready to dance, though. Many of us are too hurt, too wounded to even consider setting foot on the dance floor. We're still lying on the ground, our innocence stolen from us, wounded at our depths.

This post isn't to make you think you should be dancing, now. I'm aware of areas I need healing before I can dance in them. Areas I've been hurt. Please don't read this as a message to do something or be something you feel unable to.

Read this more as a message of hope. Or at least I hope you will. It's how I'm trying to read it.

Dancing isn't my forte. I don't dance, really. But I'd like to learn.

In my day to day life, with my hopes and dreams for how today and tomorrow will pan out, I'm trying to find the balance between rest and action. I'm trying to find that sense of flow, of working with my surroundings to make them flourish.

I'm no expert in this. I'm trying, not to try too hard. I'm trying to try just right.

I'm trying.

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