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Trust, risk and courage

It's late at night and I almost forgot to write some words.

I normally write in the morning, but I snoozed too long this morn and so getting home tonight I wasn't expecting to need to write. It's normally done.

So much of life is about trust, risk and courage. Trusting others. Trusting yourself. Trusting God (the universe, or whatever you call it). Taking risks in our work life, stepping into roles we've not done before. Taking risks in our personal lives, moving relationships to a deeper place. And courage. Courage to do all this despite the fears that never leave us.

The more we can flow with these three, the more fulfilled we'll be.

We have to trust, because we cannot move forwards alone.

We have to take risks, because no-one knows the future.

And we have to have courage, else we'd spend all day in bed, letting any fear keep us down.

So it's not a matter of whether we trust, whether we take risks, whether we have courage.

We do trust. We do take risks. We all have courage.

I guess it's a matter of how much we lean into these. How far we let them take us.

I don't believe we have ceilings over our lives. I believe our potential is far above that which we dream and imagine. I believe we dream for a reason.

In amongst all of this, I'm acutely aware of how far from the maximum I feel. How easy I feel I'm taking life. How much further I could go if I trusted more, risked more, and had more courage.

I feel far from where I could be. But I know that today, I took some steps. Today I trusted, took small risks, and had courage.

Tomorrow I'm hopeful to do the same. But today's all I can deal with. And I'm thankful for today.

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