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What does it mean to trust someone?

What does that really look like?

If you trust someone, then you feel safe with them. If you trust them to do something, you're confident they will.

Trust and fear are opposites. If I fear, I do not trust that the outcome will be good. If I trust the outcome will be good, what need is there for fear? It evaporates away into thin air.

But then, there are times when we choose to trust as an act of our will, whilst we don't fully trust in our hearts. We choose to take a risk, to step out into something not knowing how it will end up.

None of us know how our steps will land until we take them. None of us know what tomorrow looks like.

In that way, we're not trusting in tomorrow's outcome. We're not trusting it will look exactly as we expect it to.

Trust and my future are big topics for me, right now. There's a lot up in the air, and has been for quite a while now. Things are coming to their final play, and balls will be landing soon. But my future, and whether I trust that it will be good, has been on my mind a lot.

For the past 5 years or so I've spent a lot of time thinking about the big questions in life. Where did we really come from? How comes I've got this thing called consciousness? Does free will really exist?

Throughout all of this, there's only one thing that seems to make sense to me. One thing, when I step back and look at it all, that comes together like threads in a tapestry.

For me, that's that we are not alone. Not that we're not alone in the universe, I have no opinion on that. But that we're not alone outside of it.

That sounds strange. I realise that.

To me, it's just that, the idea that this all came together without some kind of agency outside of our universe seems folly.

I respect atheism. Especially hard atheism. But for me, the only way I can make sense of anything I see, is that there must be something more?

You can call that something whatever you like. "God". "Allah". "Simulation theory". These are all pointing to there being someone out there who set this all in motion.

Now I'm not saying all beliefs are equal, all pathways lead home. What I am saying is that, for me, it seems inconceivable that there isn't something outside of this universe that put it into motion. At some point, for me, there has to be a "god".

What does that look like? My best guess right now is the life of Jesus Christ. A remarkable life by any standard. One of, if not the, most important historical figure. For me, his life, and his reported death, deserve examining.

So for me, though I don't know the future, I feel I know the one who does.

And in that knowing, there is trust. And so despite my natural concerns about what might be next, I feel at peace taking steps today, into the unknown.

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