2 years ago for day 113, 2019 with 333 words.


At the start of the year there were a few things I wanted to change.

There was the classic resolution of getting into physical shape. I’ve been doing pretty well with, hitting the gym at least a couple times every week and running too.

There was the goal of a more well rounded, mental and spiritual health. I’ve been making progress there, though I need to step it up a notch.

Then there’s the goal of seeing more gigs, making the most of being in London.

I’ve not done much towards that yet, but tonight I’m on my way.

I’m pretty shattered tbh. I’ve been with people for almost a week straight. The last time I properly had to myself was 6 days ago. This introvert needs more time than that to recharge.

But despite my tiredness, I’m happy to be going out. I’m looking forward to a small gig with an artist I discovered a couple years back. I’m looking forward to catching up with a mate over a drink too.

It’s what I came to London for. The people, not the gigs. Humans, relationships, being known and knowing others, really known, not just superficially.

And so I’m looking forward to the gig, but looking forward to seeing a friend too. Looking forward to hearing how her day went, how her new job is going, how she’s really doing.

And I’m looking forward to the gig, too. To seeing a new artist live, to going to a new venue, to going to an intimate gig.

I much prefer smaller gigs to big ones. Much prefer a tighter venue to a huge one. Much prefer to see a lesser known artist than the biggest act about.

And so tonight, despite my tiredness, I’m happy to be off to a gig with a friend.

I can rest later.

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