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To do

On a day like today, writing 300 words is a challenge. My to do list is long, 16 items long in fact, and there's little chance I'll get through it all.

Often I used to set myself goals of completing three important things a day. The idea being that focussing on less, but more important tasks regularly would be the most productive.

But even three important tasks a day can be tough. Especially when this is supposed to be the weekend, when things are less busy than the weekdays.

Sure, some of the tasks are meeting up with friends. But these take time too and have to be factored into the days plans.

It's easy to get overwhelmed. To try to do too much, to fail, to struggle.

Finding the right balance in life is tough. For me right now, as a single guy in his late twenties, I'm aware that I have so much time, so much more than future Fred might have, at least.

But still, it can be easy to be over-busy. Cramming in things into every gap, trying to make progress towards our goals in life every day, it can be tough to find the rhythm.

Rhythm is something I've been seeking specifically this past couple months. Getting back into a routine, with healthy habits has been a big focus.

Healthy habits in good routines are super powers. Positive actions on autopilot, they help us achieve more with less.

Since starting my new job I've tried to start setting up some healthy habits. I've started cycling to work and back. It's only a short ride, but it's better than getting the bus. It's faster, cheaper, healthier, and more enjoyable.

I've also started going to the gym before work. I've not yet managed to get to work early enough to give myself enough time, but the habit is starting to form.

Finally, I want to carve out a bit of time before setting off for the day, to work on longer term goals, like progressing a side project, or stretching and meditation.

Doing all this is hard. Time is finite, and to use it on something means not using it on something else.

I know I waste time, sometimes. I know I can be more efficient. But part of me wonders quite how efficient I should get. How much should I look to get myself into a great routine, and how much should I let myself be free to enjoy each moment?

Thursday night was a late-ish one. Well, late-er. I was in bed by midnight, but even with that it throws off my plans to wake, cycle and gym.

Today, I'm just about to complete my first task for the day. Three words. Or four seventy. There's a lot to be done. Time to go do it.

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