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To boldly go

Today is one of those. I've got a meeting that will have a big impact on what's next for me, and I've been wrestling with what I should do for a few weeks now.

Opportunity cost is a bummer. Never knowing that saying yes to this is saying no to that, or no to this giving room to a yes to that.

The path we're currently on contains a lot more knowns than that other one we could take. Continuing in relationships we have feels inherently less risky than leaving them. That's one of the reasons why breakups of any type are so hard. We can picture the future as an extension of today if we just keep on keeping on. But if we make radical changes, our comfortable little world ahead evaporates into the night.

The saying goes that hindsight is 20/20. That often we can see quite clearly when we look back on things. But we can only see clearly the path we've trodden out. Like one big game of Fog of War, the map only clears where we walk.

And so, the fork in the road presents itself. The signposts aren't all that helpful, as no-one's been quite where I'm going next. But at least they're there, trying their best. "This way will likely contain this sort of challenge". "This path has the potential to contain rewards in its depths."

Expecting perfect decision making from yourself is naive. Not only is it naive, it's unhealthy. No-one makes perfect decisions, and you won't either. I won't, either.

All we can do is the best with what we have. Take our best guesses at what the "right" path is at this juncture. All we can do is boldly go where no man has gone before. I guess in a way we're all Patrick Stewart living out our own version of Star Trek.


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