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It never seems there's quite enough time to do everything I want. My to-do list for today is staring back at me, intimidating as I realise just how much I have to do and how little time there is to do it. One of those things is writing these words.

Time is the most valuable resource we have. It's the one constant, unless you're into space travel that is. You cannot outrun time or outsmart it. You have to work within its confines.

When we're young time seems infinite. You've only been alive for a little while, yet you have so many memories. Time stretches out and you feel as if you'll live forever.

As you start to grow older, time seems to move by faster. You sometimes wake up and look back and wonder "where did that year go?". Talk to folks older than you and you'll hear them say how time flies for them. It's moving too fast. They wish for it to slow down, but like grasping at the wind it's all in vain.

How we use our time is the measure of us. How we spend it today will affect tomorrow, too. But how should we spend our time? How much of it should be spent working? How much should be spent relaxing? How much exploring?

There aren't any neat answers to this I know of. It all depends, really. Some folks like to talk about this in terms of "work life balance". Others see this as too shallow a model, and wonder why work and life need to be separated at all. Isn't work part of life, too?

On days like today, existentialism rears its head. Wait, what is happening here again? I'm a human riding a rock around a ball of fire? Hmm.

Time, like many things in this world, is hard to grasp. You know it exists but you don't understand it. There's always more to be done. And with that, my 300 words are up, so I'm off to my next to-do item.

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