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What do I want? And how can I best get there?

Hmm. Maybe these aren't the right questions. What if what I want is the journey, not the destination? It's not about "getting there" at all, is it? Hmm.

I guess you can get to a place where you can then embark on the journey you want, so maybe "getting there" is fine, caveated with "there" might be not a place but a state of transition. I guess everything's a state of transition anyways.

Next week I'm flying away to a cheap European city. I need to get some headspace.

What I've been working on the past 6 months, and was hoping to take forwards for the next few years at least, is coming to an end. Or at least, I'm stepping away from it.

That story is a long story, and it's not today's story. Today's story is about tomorrow's story. Still following along, right?

I just met some friends for coffee, and I always leave inspired by their journey. They're doing stuff I want to do, they're further down a path I'm keen on.

They're not any happier, though. That's to be expected. Success != happiness. That I know to be true. What does = happiness? That's a story for another time. A story I'm not well placed to write.

So my goal here shouldn't be "success" per se. It's not about the destination, we've already covered that. A big part of it all, I guess, is being honest with yourself. Not going against your own values. Being vulnerable, too. There's something about vulnerability. I have a feeling I'll learn more about that this year.

Going back to today's story, which is tomorrow's, what path do I take next? I have a feeling it's about being curious. Optimising for learning. Optimising for growing. Optimising for experiencing. Trust. Fail. Trust.

The next year of my life is less about the next year of my life, and more about the next 10. Optimising for the short-term won't do me any good.

So what do I do next? I'm not sure. That's what the cheap flights to that European city are for. That's tomorrow's problem. That's for Future Fred. Today's Fred is gonna go chill out now. Tomorrow's Fred will be back with more words. Check back then to see what he thinks.

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