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Taken for granted

It's funny what we take for granted. Pretty much everything, really.

We take for granted that the seat we sit on won't break. We take for granted that when we try to raise our right hand, our right hand actually moves (which is pretty darn mind-blowing). We take for granted that when we look at some types of shapes we can interpret them as letters that form words that convey a shared sense of meaning. This is remarkable.

Yesterday I went for a run, as I'm now in the habit of doing. It was a great run by my standards, my legs felt good and strong (which isn't always the case), and I ran solidly for a good amount of time. It was one of the best runs I've done since I got into it last year.

I got back, and decided to take this relaxation game to the next level (yes, I find running a form of relaxation) with a bath. An hour or so later I re-emerge and settle down for the evening.

But as I'm sitting on the couch, the top of my left leg starts to ache. I find it hard to move. Hmmph.

No biggie I thought, just get some sleep and it'll be fine in the morning. Lol nope.

I didn't sleep much last night. My leg has gone on strike, it's considering it's position as a key part of of my body and won't budge without a screaming at me.

So this morning it's got me thinking at just how darn good my right leg is being to me right now. It's almost like it's not there, as it fades into the background of my mind. But it's doing its job the same as ever.

This all reminds that lyric from Passenger:

"You only know it's love when you let it go"

We often only acknowledge something when it's gone. As humans we can't acknowledge everything that we rely on for day to day life all the time. Our heart constantly beating. Our lungs breathing on autopilot. The fact that water replenishes us. That those we live with day to day, we're actually very fond of.

We are miracles of existence. The fact we can think at all makes no sense.

"You are a ghost driving a meat covered skeleton made of stardust riding a rock floating through space"

I guess the challenge of humanity is to know what to pay attention to when. We're great at keep on keeping on, assuming everything will always be as it is.

With my parents growing ever older, I was more aware than ever that death comes to us all this Christmas. Who knows when the last time I'll see them will be? Hopefully not for many years, but I can't take that for granted. I've got to live my best life now. I've got to wake myself from my slumber and acknowledge how blessed I am. Before it's too late.

We've only limited time on this earth. Let's not waste it.

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