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Step back

I’m letting this habit slip. 11pm on a Saturday night, out with friends but popping to the loo to throw three hundo down.

Sorry, TMI.

I’m not sure how long I’ll carry this on for. Not sure what I really want to get out of this.

It started on New Year’s Day at 10pm on a whim. A challenge to write 300 words a day for a month. Now over 4 months later it’s still going, but for how long? I don’t know.

I’ve enjoyed doing this. Enjoyed getting better at writing. Things flow a lot easier now. But it’s another constraint. Another thing on the daily to do list. Another law to live by.

I try not to live by too many laws. The only thing laws really show is that we’re no good at keeping them. The more we add the more we’ll fail.

I know I’ll fail on this soon too. I’m only writing this as a mate reminded me. Soon enough a day will slip past, the streak will be broken and it’ll be over.

But for now it continues.

Now I’ve achieved me goal and gone beyond it, what’s the new goal? Just to keep on keeping on? To maintain the level I’ve set? Or to do something more?

I don’t know really. I’ve only actually published one post out of the 120+ I’ve written the past 4 months. I’ve not written many I’m really proud of.

It’s been a helpful process. I’m much better at getting my thoughts out. I’ve discovered things as I’ve let my inner self splurge out.

But I’m not sure where it leads to next. What the goal is beyond just keeping it going.

Maybe that’s ok. Especially on a Saturday night.

It’s ok to keep moving without knowing why sometimes. But after a while we have to step back and reevaluate. I’ll step back soon.


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