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Shifting time

Shifting time. Can’t shift it. Can only try.

Been getting to work late and leaving early recently. Had a bunch of flat viewings to attend so I’ve had to shift my time around.

Tomorrow I’ll getting to work early as I’ve gotta leave early again. My hours have been so flexible recently it’s tricky not to come across as taking the piss. I want to make sure my boss doesn’t think I’m going too far with it.

But flat viewings are important, and there’s only limited time to get them in.

On top of all this, I’m serving at a women’s conference my Church are putting on this weekend, starting tomorrow night. That means even more time off, though that’s booked as holiday so’s all good.

But despite flexi-time, time can’t really be shifted. We can’t trade this time for that, only attempt to swap about what we choose to do with each moment we’re given.

I’m writing this on the train back from Wembley Arena. I’ve been there tonight, getting up to speed on what we’ll be doing over the next few days.

I started to write this post whilst on the train with a couple friends. You can probably tell, it’s low quality. I was distracted.

But I realised that I could either ignore them and write these words, or be present and write the words later.

So I put my phone away and chose to be present. I’m writing these words now they’ve both gotten off.

Time and how we spend it is the most important question of our lives. Do we spend it living here or there? Doing this or that? With these people, with those, or alone?

As I consider buying in London, I’m confronted with the reality of saying yes to this city means no to others. Saying yes to these people means no to others. Yes to this flat, no to the others.

Our time is limited, and we have a big say in how’s its spent.

I can’t shift time, but I’m trying.

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