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Eesh I keep leaving this late.

After a tiring day a mate of mine invited a couple of us round and despite my natural inclination to chill and watch the football I decided to be sociable.

It’s been a great night of real talk with good people. But I missed the game of a lifetime with Liverpool coming back from three nil down to win four three. Shabba.

It was worth it though. Times like these with friends are worth it. Far better to be real with friends than to watch a good game on my own.

Still, it sucks a bit to miss such a classic. But I’ve learnt a lot tonight, and had such a good chill time.

People are important. More important than football or events. People go beyond the simple stuff, people are far deeper than the shallow.

I’m reading a book at the moment that explores this topic. What makes a human? Who are we really? Are we really special?

A lot of people believe we’re simply our brains. Simply machines that are predetermined to make decisions, robots without free will. They believe we are nothing more than animals, believe humans nothing more than a haphazard collection of stardust.

I don’t know what I think. I’m still working it out. But I don’t think we’re just matter. I don’t think we’re predetermined. I can’t believe we have no free will. It doesn’t fit with my experience at all.

Is free will an illusion? Is my consciousness simply a by product of chance?

To me this makes little sense. Certainly me, whatever that is, knowing that I’m not really a me, seems quite contradictory. I’m not really sure how that marries up.

But today, I know how special people are. There’s something about us. Something I can’t put my finger on. It feels as though we’re more than predestined robots. That there’s something inside of us, a spark of true life, not just mathematics.

People are special. They’re more than just things.

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