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Overly tired Fred

I've slept a lot the past two days. A surprising amount, even for me.

I sleep quite a bit already. At least 8 hours a night, and at weekends, often more like 10. I'm fortunate that getting to sleep isn't a problem, but challenged in that getting up often is one.

I'm not entirely sure why that is. Why when I wake I'm still tired, why I find it so hard to get up each morning.

Maybe it's just the same for everyone, and some have more willpower than others. Or maybe it's something physiological, some deficiency here or there.

I do often feel tired, despite getting the prescribed amount of rest. This weekend was similar in that regard.

The last two nights I've slept over 10 hours each night. That's a lot of sleep. On top of that, this afternoon I ended up falling asleep whilst reading a book on my bed, another hour or two dozing away.

Part of the reason is that the few days prior have been quite intense. It turns out if you put me in a room with ten thousand women three days running I find it a little tiring. Welcoming and saying goodbye to hundreds of women in a matter of minutes certainly seemed fatiguing. Standing and being alert for hours on end lowered my energy store too.

So I guess in some ways my tiredness makes sense. But it still surprised me, as I didn't really work that hard, the hours weren't that bad, and my life is pretty easy really.

So maybe it's just introverted Fred getting overwhelmed and needing to recuperate before seeing people again. Or maybe it's something physiological, something I should get checked out.

I'm not sure. It never quite feels like enough of a problem to deal with, but overly tired Fred lingers on.

Maybe it's something I should look into.

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