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Not enough gigs

I've not been too enough gigs. Not as many as I'd like. That needs to change.

Living in London, there's something happening every night, always something to do. In fact, the challenge isn't what's good that's on tonight, but what do I say yes to?

I've been in London for 9 months now, and I feel like I've bedded down. I've got a settled job, a small group of friends I can be me with and my habits and routines are quite well settled.

But despite living in the best city in the world (in my biased opinion), I don't always make the most of it.

I've not been to many gigs since being here. I've been to the theatre once. I've not been to any comedy clubs.

This summer that needs to change.

I've bought tickets to see the Foals in June, and one of my favourite artists, Fink, who I've seen live before, is back, so I'm going to see him in November.

But there's so much more than just the obvious gigs that I want to go to. I realise I won't always be young(-ish), single and living in a city like this.

There's lesser known artists I want to see, like Archie Faulks.

So today, I bought tickets to see Archie at a nearby pub.

And I bought tickets for British Summer Time, the party in the park, to see Stevie Wonder.

Going out a lot in London can quickly become expensive. But what’s more expensive is living life and letting it all pass by. Spending time like it’s unlimited, when in reality it’s far from it.

So this summer I’m looking to make the most of it. Looking to spend my time and my money on things that matter, knowing neither will last forever.

This season is a big blessing, I’m gonna make the most of it.

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