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It's easy to say no to things that we want. There are always reasons why something is a bad idea. Always things that can go wrong. Always obstacles in the way from idea to fruition.

Reason never lacks reasons to say no.

Ok, so maybe it's not easy to say no to things we want. But if you're anything like me, it happens more than you'd like.

One thing I've been saying no to for years, is a silly little side project idea.

It came about one day whilst sitting in the train station. It made me smile as soon as I thought of it, and I've not managed to shake the idea since.

I never worked on it though. There were many reasons for that. It would have to be an app, and I don't know how to build those. It would have to track your location all the time, and where do we start with the objections to that? Privacy? Security? Battery drain?

But this idea has stood the test of time, so far at least. Fives years on, it's still my favourite silly little idea. The one that makes me smile when I think of it. The one I wish I had on my phone.

But recently, I've had a lot of time on my hands whilst waiting for the new job to start. I've wanted a side project to dabble on to try out some new skills, and importantly, I recently learnt how to build apps (simple ones, at least).

So the other day I sat down and made a list for my spike. In tech teams, a spike is a quick investigation to see how feasible a problem is to be solved, how it might be solved and how long it might take.

The spike went well enough. I built a simple little app that tracks your location in the background, and then records that to a DB. Next step is to manage to get that app on my phone, and test out how much of a battery drain it is.

Ultimately, there's many challenges between now and this app ever being in the App Store. But for now I'm making progress, taking small steps, and seeing where they lead me.


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