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I stayed work at late tonight, not because I had to, but because I wanted to.

"Nnnneeeerrrddddddddddd!" I hear you say. Though you're not really saying it, my projection of you is.

And that's cool. I don't mind having a bit of nerd in me.

I stayed late because I was in the middle of solving a problem, and I wanted to work it out before heading home.

I'm a front-end developer, and I love my job. It's the perfect combination of left side of the brain and right side, creativity and logic.

Its problem solving day after day, complex puzzles waiting to be solved, and then solved more elegantly still.

I'd do my job even if I wasn't paid. I know that, because for about 5 years, I did.

Admittedly not full-time, but in my spare time I used to make websites. For the fun of it. For the challenge. For the learning and growth.

So to be able to get to do my hobby day to day, I'm ridiculously blessed.

Walking in through the door tonight, I asked myself "what do I want to do now?". And the answer was "finish that puzzle you were working on earlier."

Thankfully my work laptop is at work, and I can't continue here. But such is my enjoyment of what I do that I genuinely wanted to continue and finish up the challenge I was working on today.

Most people aren't as fortunate as me. There are some of us who enjoy what we do, but it seems most have a job because they have to. They endure it, not enjoy it.

I wish I had more wisdom about how to land a job you love. I don't really. Other than getting lucky and finding a hobby that conveniently has a healthy job demand behind it. And working on your hobby for 5 years on the side for basically zero pay until you get a job in it.

So I guess that applies to some of y'all. Some of y'all got passions that, if you applied yourself in pursuing it and getting better at your craft, could land yourself a darn tootin' good job after a few years, most likely far sooner.

But some of y'all don't know what your passion is, and I feel for you. All I'd say to you is, start with your hobbies, dream a bit and work towards your long term goals on the side.

I'm naive and a bit of an optimist, but I believe we can all find something we enjoy on this earth. I hope it's true for you.

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By Fred Rivett

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