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My heroes journey

Why do you do what you do? But more importantly, where do you want to go, and why?

I've been thinking about these questions from a first principles perspective. I've believed and worked towards building skills to build my own business for about 5 years now, and I'm not fully solo running my own thing yet. There's lots of reasons for that, but it sometimes gets me wondering, am I really cut out for entrepreneurship? Do I really want to run my own business? What is it about a business that I so desperately want to run one?

Yesterday I watched a superb mini documentary on Hiut, the jeans company from Cardigan, Wales. It was super inspirational, really following the Heroes Journey, a town gets knocked down and doesn't get back up for decades. 10% of the town's workforce are laid off when the jean factory shuts down. Then two entrepreneurs say enough is enough. They step into the fold and begin on their dream to resurrect this old jean making town.

The video got me feeling all the feels about that why again. I'd been mulling over this internal what really motivates me question for weeks now, and I'd roughly settled on this "heroes journey" explanation. That for me running a business is less about the outcome, (hopefully) money, but more about the process and the challenge. It's about me facing up to a wall of rock and saying "You're not going to get in my way".

Running your own business, or at least your own side project, exposes you to a variety of challenges you don't get to face in a day-to-day job. It requires constant learning and growth, provides a wide variety of environments and challenges, and ultimately feels like the best way to really test myself and make a difference.

Running a business isn't for everybody. It's not for most people, either. But the heroes journey, that sense of facing up to challenges, looking looming obstacles squarely in the eye and overcoming them, that sense of adventure, that's what we're all here for.

So whatever your "fit" is in this world, be it for today or for the longer term, may you find what your adventure is, what gets your heart beating, and live.

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