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Maturity is developed over time

There are two ways to live, and increments in between. Boldly, fearlessly, lovingly, openly. Cowardly, fearfully, coldly, lonely.

There are two ways to live, but they aren’t binary. Not in the macro sense, at least. Not in the big picture. Not in the scale of our lives.

That’s a natural consequence of none of us living perfectly good or bad lives. None of us are purely good or purely evil. Everyone is a shade of grey in between, in the infinite expanse between the two.

And so that binary big picture is non-existent. That quick judgment based on superficial evidence off the mark.

I for one love this. Love that we can’t simply judge others based on the little we know. We can’t judge their motives and their goodness. We can’t play judge at all.

But in our own lives, the small part of this star dust concoction, we get to exert some influence. We get to choose this path or that, this way or that, this life or that.

But in the same way we aren’t able to control the macro outcome of our lives, the total goodness or badness, we aren’t able to control the outcomes of our fleeting time on this rock hanging mysteriously amidst a cacophony of light. It would be foolish to think we can.

So what does that mean for us? What does it mean for me?

It means to stop trying to control. To stop fearing the unknown. To stop wasting energy on that which brings no beneficial return.

It means to live in the moment. To realise that yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is all we have.

It means to choose. It means to choose life. It means to choose hope.

Daily, we get today. Daily, we get now. Now is all we have, it’s all I have. Incrementally making better choices, more and more living out of hope, not fear, is the only way to live without regrets.

Expecting to go from here to there in the blink of an eye is unrealistic. Progress is really all we can expect of ourselves. Steps in the right direction is all we can do, maturity is developed over time.

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