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Making progress

I’m writing this on the move. It’s been a busy day so far and I’m planning on tomorrow being busier.

I’m starting to get my flow back. Not that busyness is a sign of flow, just that after a long time lacking routine and habits I feel them coming back in.

It may be that I just came off a great mastermind call or that I just looked at a beautiful to-do app, but I’m feeling productive.

Tomorrow I’ll cycle to work for the first time. We moved office last week and I’m excited to have a 20 min, healthy commute for at least the next couple months.

I say at least the next couple months, because as soon as I’ve published these words I’m emailing my landlord to let him know of my intention not to renew my tenancy.

I don’t know where I’ll go next, and this flat has treated me well, but I think it’s served its purpose.

It’s been a great 10 months here, in a great area, in my little flat.

But it’s not been the best value for money. So in a couple months I plan to be somewhere else.

Momentum in life is a powerful force, as it is in physics. I don’t feel I’ve had much the past few months. It’s meant, like a stationary or slow moving car, gaining much ground has been tough.

I’ve moved forwards, but slowly. So I’m excited to regain some momentum, at least for the next couple months.

As well as cycling tomorrow, I plan on hitting the gym again. I’ve setup multi gym access so I can go to the gym before work. The perfect start to the day.

So, as I walk to a friends for a quick hang, I’m feeling positive.

I may not be in the productive state I want to be, but I’m making progress.

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