3 years ago for day 14, 2019 with 365 words.


I woke up this morning and I'm aching quite a bit. My workout the other day didn't feel very intense (they start you off easier), but doing 5x5 reps surprisingly does enough to break some muscle down.

It got me thinking about the process of building muscle. To build muscle you have no choice but to break down what's currently there. You cannot simply build on top of what you already have. You have to sacrifice your current to get to your next.

This picture of giving up what we have now, with the inherent pain that comes with, is a good picture for us in life. Never do we fully get to keep the everything of today as we trade it in for the everything of tomorrow. We live moment to moment and cannot take our today into tomorrow.

But we do have some control over which parts of our yesterday make up our today. We can choose to break a habit, to implement a new one, to improve a friendship or leave it behind.

In some ways we have less control than we're aware of. We think our friends and family will always be there. The harsh reality is one day we'll wake up and realise they're gone. We think our health will always be there. It's not until something in your body stops working that you realise how much of a miracle it is that it worked at all in the first place.

But equally, we have more control than we think. We are able to influence and nurture relationships, positively or negatively. We are able to achieve our goals. We all live our lives in self-constructed prisons. We set boundaries for what we can achieve and who we are, and then swallow the key.

The remarkable truth, is that we're all able to do far more than we've ever dreamt. We all have dreams for a reason. So today, don't suppress your deepest desires. Let them rise and acknowledge them. Then decide which parts of yesterday you're taking into today, and make minor tweaks to your human machine as you go. You are far more capable than you could ever imagine.

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By Fred Rivett

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