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Last night

Last night was great. I'd had a busy day, got home, eaten some rushed peanut butter on toast and jumped on the weekly mastermind call.

An hour later, after being pumped up about being held accountable to some new goals of mine, I headed off to meet some friends, writing yesterday's post en route.

I was pretty tired by the time I got there, but I got there to find some good friends, alcohol and an inviting couch. This is what I came to London for.

We hung out for a couple hours, longer than any of us really had time for, as we all knew Tuesday morning wasn't far away. But we all stayed, simply chatting together and enjoying the moment.

Moment's like these are what I cherish. A few good friends, drinks and chat is far more my thing than a large crowd or a big night out.

Sure, those can be fun, but it's not my default happy place. I crave a handful of deep relationships, not many shallow ones.

That's partly why I'm so bad at long distance friendships. Friends I've known for almost 10 years now don't even invite me to their wedding, that's how bad I am at staying in contact.

Fair enough, really, we've not spoken in years. I still value them as friends, but I'm not a big fan of ringing folks, and texting isn't much better.

So yesterday, as simple as it was, was really quite special to me. In London we're all too busy doing this or that to spend enough time together. We're always too tired by the end of the day to have much left over for the things that matter.

But yesterday, we made time, despite our tiredness. And we stayed, despite tomorrow's.

And it makes my heart warm.

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