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This evening I met up with a good friend of mine, someone I love and respect a lot. We met up at an event, where someone we both admire was speaking.

The speaker was someone who has written a book we both admire, someone who knows a lot about a topic we both care for.

That someone was Marty Cagan, and that topic is about building products that make people's lives better.

Barry, who I met up with for tonight's event, has been in product for a while now. He's got great experience and knows a lot more than I do. He's the person I go to to learn from, he's the person I spent 6 months working alongside on a reduced salary so I could glean from his skills and level up my product knowledge.

For Barry this stuff is his day-to-day. But for me, my day-to-day is writing code. Building systems. Fixing bugs.

But for a long time, the challenge of product, creating something that makes people's lives better, has been core to my drive.

That drive has been a key part of what's undergirded my passion for running my own business. My reasons for that goal are a few, but the desire to make a dent, to leave things better than when I found them, is something universal to us all and a big motivator for me.

The past 16 months or so, I've not been actively pursuing these goals. I've stepped back to focus on other areas, to work on aspects of life I'd neglected.

But tonight inspired me. Tonight reminded me again why I want to build my own thing. What it is that fuels me for running a business. It sparked up the passion that's been dormant for a little while now.

That spark isn't one I'm expecting to stick. I'm not expecting that spark to be the one that makes the wood catch fire. But it's a reminder that the spark is there. That the life is there. That hope is there.

It's a reminder that, when the ingredients are ready, the wood prepared and dry, ready for the fire, that the spark will come forth again, and the fire will burn once more.

I'm loving my time right now, focussing on other areas of life. But I'm equally aware that my desire to run my own business has not left me, it's just been dormant for a little while, whilst I take care of other things.

Tonight, Marty Cagan, author of Inspired, did just that for me.

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