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I’m not running late I’m running very close to being on time

It’s early. I wasn’t in bed until late.

I’m not running late. I’m running very close to being on time.

I’m off back up to Wembley this morning. After the evening there yesterday and hours train back to east London, I’m reversing the trip after not enough sleep.

Last night was great. I’m serving at a women’s conference my Church puts on every year, and it’s honestly such a joy to serve these ladies.

Being able to play a small part in a big machine, it doesn’t feel like I’m making much of a difference, but I know it takes lots of little contributions to get something like this going. I’m happy to play my part.

It was such fun yesterday. Serving with a good group of folks, all but one I met for the first time a couple days back. The vibe is so positive and I’m here for it.

I met with a couple good friends for the train home, and met a couple new friends too. It was a good 40 minute journey, but flew past as if it was just 5, as we laughed all the way home.

As we departed, we exchanged new numbers and invited one of the girls to a hangout we do every other Thursday. Will see her again then.

The night before, on the train home, I was tired and in a different state of mind. I’m not sure what it was, but last night felt very different taking that same train home.

My friends were the same, except new bonus ones, but ultimately it was my perspective.

This is my first conference at Hillsong since I started coming along almost a year ago. And I couldn’t help but come away from that first evening lifted up.

Seeing 10,000 women come together, making time and space for something new, for an encounter, is beautiful. Hearing 10,000 women singing heartfelt songs all at once, spectacular.

I’m not sure what today holds exactly. I know it’ll be a long day. But I’m so excited to be here. Chat to y’all tomorrow.

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