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Fork in the road

What are the times in your life you remember most fondly? Maybe it's a special moment from childhood, with someone you love. Maybe it's the holiday you'd always wanted to go on. Maybe it's when you came to a fork in the road of your life and made a tough decision.

Looking back on tough decisions fondly? Hmm, that seems strange. Looking back on childhood memories or holiday highlight reels will naturally produce nostalgia, but tough decisions?

I don't always feel all the good feels when I look back on some of the forks in the road in my life. I sometimes wonder "what if?" I had taken another path, where would I be now? This I know: I wouldn't be here writing this.

But despite the lingering feelings of alternative adventures not had, I feel proud of these moments. These are the moments when we become fully conscious (or at least, more so). We wake up and really evaluate what we want our lives to be. We weigh it all up, and then act.

The dictionary describes courage as "the ability to do something that frightens one; bravery." For me these forks in the road are when courage comes forth, and I'm forced awake from any slumber. What path will I take? What cost will I pay now to get there?

I often wonder whether I'm living my best life, as most of us do I imagine. I wonder what potential I have, and which path I should be on. But there are specific times when the need to make a decision confronts us. It's this way, or that. Choose wisely, young adventurer.

I'm currently going through one of those forks in the road moments. I can't speak publicly on it yet, but it's caused me to analyse different paths, tossing it around in my head seeking different perspectives. It's been an uncomfortable few weeks, but at least I know I haven't fallen asleep at the wheel. I'm not living on autopilot. I'm conscious, at least more so than in the day-to-day of life, and I'm facing the decisions head on.

I'm not always sure that I make the right decisions, but I'm proud of the times I've had the courage to stare down the fork in the road, and made a decision at all.

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