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In about 3 hours I'm set to leave this earth. Well, leave the ground at least and enter the atmosphere. How remarkable it is that we've managed to achieve flight.

Only a couple hundred years ago people were saying flight of any kind was impossible, and to be fair you can't blame them for thinking that. It had never happened, and for good reason. Everything that goes up must come down.

But through careful experimentation and great faith, the Wright Brothers achieved flight on Dec 17th 1903. That's not very long ago. In fact, Wikipedia tells me that three people were born then and alive now. Back then, it was impossible to fly. Not airplanes cover the earth doing a never ending dance across our skies. "Impossible" isn't always what it seems.

This morning's my first flight in over six months, and I'm excited to be getting away. I've spent the last six months in my favourite city in the world, London. The city where my heart is. The city where I call home.

I've long wanted to live in London. But having been brought up just an hour east of here, I felt it wasn't quite adventurous enough. No, for me I'd have to go to Australia or Canada, that's where adventure lies. The laws of geography make London too boring a choice. But London is never boring.

There's a lot for me to weigh up whilst I'm away. I've just finished my old job, one I'd hoped I would do for years to come but in the nature of startups, wasn't to be.

I've relationships to weigh up too. Knowing who you want to do life with isn't always easy and life is inherently messy. But people are the greatest gift and worth the risks we may take.

In many ways I'm looking to take flight in my life again. In many ways I've been up and down the runway more times than necessary. Some things in my life have seemed immovable or impossible. But like the Wright brothers, with faith, anything is possible.

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