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Cross paths

Yesterday something happened that doesn't normally happen in London.

I bumped into a friend. Or she bumped into me.

I was standing in a shop near work, grabbing some half-price grub before heading home, and she walked right in too.

These spontaneous meetings are rare in a city this large. Seeing someone is a planned thing, not an accident, and it's never planned quite enough in my book.

Everyone's busy, is why. Always lots to do. Always enough going on at work to need a quiet evening in. Always too far away to pop round for a cuppa.

But yesterday was different. It was only a quick chat, only crossing paths for a moment, but the spontaneity of it made me smile.

Happy accidents don't happen enough here.

It's taken a while to get bedded down, to develop real friendships. To go beyond the niceties and get to the deeper things. These deep connections are something we all need, though at times I feel I need them more than most.

I'm not made for lots of shallow connections. I don't keep lukewarm friendships lukewarm. We're good friends or we're not, we're close or we're not.

And so, hanging with high quality people, being real and letting the guard down, has been good for my soul.

Whether it's been wandering around London, exploring quirky shops with friends, grabbing a bite to eat and sharing our struggles, or cooking up a meal and watching a game, I'm thankful for those God's put on my path.

Whatever your beliefs, I hope you're thankful, that some imperfect yet lovable humans crossed your path too.

We all need to cross paths with friends. We all need others to do life with, and let us do life with them. We all need this, and it makes me smile when, on days like yesterday, we cross paths by chance.

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