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Yesterday I wrote about integrity. Previously I've written about honesty. Today I write about consistency.

These are values I hold dear. Without them I feel like I lose my footing, without them I feel like I contribute to others losing theirs, too.

Integrity to me is about oneness. No two-faced, this here, that there. No contradictions in the life lived. No stupid stuff.

Honesty is about presenting the truth. Sometimes the whole truth doesn't need to be presented, but we shouldn't present a lie. Seek to share unless it causes harm. Honesty follows from integrity.

Consistency is about doing these things with regularity. Being a person of character, who people can rely on. Being reliable in that when people treat you a certain way they know the sort of response they'll get. Inputs outputs. Nothing flakey.

Achieving these three things isn't simple. It's a matter of intentionality practiced over time, honed over the years, upwards progress without reaching the finishing line.

But these things are important to me.

I know I don't always get them right. I know I've got a lot of room for improvement. I know I'm not there.

But I'm trying. And I'm making progress, I think.

The most important thing on this earth is humans. They're why we live, why we love, why we cry.

Humans are special. Whatever your beliefs, you can't deny there's some magic star dust in us creatures.

The most important thing in relationships is love. Truly caring for the other, truly wanting what's best for them. Sacrificing your desires for theirs when necessary.

So it's a shame when those you care for don't live up to the hopes you had. They don't act as you expect them to, and it leaves you wondering why.

Are my expectations too high? Is the yardstick I'm using unreasonable? Have I lost perspective?

I'm not sure.

What I do know is what's important to me. Integrity. Honesty. Consistency.

Whatever the answer, I can't expect perfection. I can't expect others to hold my values. I have to learn to be ok with the fact we're all broken humans, doing the best with the pieces we have.

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