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Fair warning: todays post is winding and unfocussed, it should really be split out into two or three separate posts. But I have a word target to hit, and I need to get back to work, so here's some words on connections.

What does the fox say? I never learnt Foxlish, so I'm not entirely sure.

Connections. Your brain works on them (you probably had a piece of audio automatically play in your brain reading the first sentence above). Travel works on them (at least it does in London). In reality, everything is about connections.

Things are never standalone. Humans too. No man is an island.

Relationships are one of the most important types of connection (up there with the brains ability to be a brain). Relationships enrich our lives, and when looked back upon from our death beds, will be a huge part of what we see.

Stuff and things can come and go, but the humans in our life have far greater value. Sometimes relationships run their course, and people need to go their own ways. Most of the time relationships stay on a relatively shallow level, and that's fine too (we can only process so much). But it's important that we have other humans we can be real with. Being vulnerable with close friends is a hugely important part of being a healthy human.

Connections matter in other ways, too. In the workplace, the entirety of my last 4/5 gigs have come from friends I've worked with before. Even now I'm looking at potential next opportunities, and am ridiculously blessed that some very clever, kind people are willing to help me out.

Connections are how ideas are formed too, "connecting the dots" as opportunities unveil themselves in a flash.

Connections are vital to everything we do, and becoming better at building and maintaining them will impact our lives dramatically. Let's be human and do what humans do best.

Let's connect on LinkedIn (sorry just kidding, imagine if this was just one big post building up to bulking my LinkedIn network?).

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