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Scientists recently have been discovering that humans need more than simply food and water to survive. In the past few years they've discovered that something else is required. What is it? Human connection.

This makes sense to me. It was only less than 18 months ago I felt this pain deeply.

I'd spent a few months travelling alone, and after a stop over with my sister and her family in Sydney, it struck me how lonely I was.

Strangely, the months of travelling before were great. I feared I'd be lonely, but I wasn't. But there comes a time when seasons change, and I knew it was time to re-prioritise other humans. To not be the lone wolf anymore.

And so I decided to stop travelling, and came back to cold, cloudy England. Leaving the warmth of Asia behind for the winter of the British Isles seems a strange choice, but I knew there was a deep need in me unmet.

In the little over a year since then, my priority has always been community. Building relationships with good people, but these things take time, and in London, even more so.

It took a few months for me to work out where "home" was after moving back, and I've not yet hit my years anniversary in London. As I approach it, I'm thankful that I'm starting to develop deeper friendships, people I'm comfortable hanging out with and being myself, people I can trust and hopefully feel they can trust me.

Today was a good example of that. Less than a week ago my new company moved office, into the beautiful area of St Pauls. Co-incidentally, a good friend of mine works just a few minutes away.

This lunch we met for a quick coffee, and it was great to spend some quality time. In London things move quickly, people are often busy and if they have time, they're often tired. So having a good friend nearby is a blessing, as it removes barriers from having quick catch ups, so hopefully we can catch up more regularly.

So as I approach the anniversary of my move to London in the next couple months, I'm thankful for a handful of good people I can call friends. And I'm looking forward to building deeper, stronger friendships still.

We all need human connection, if there's one thing travelling alone taught me, is that I do, too.

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