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Blind spots

Blind spots. Everyone has them. The sucker punch is that we rarely realise we have them. We don't know what we don't know.

Recently I've been doing a course with Martin Stellar, Calibrating Reality. The course basically takes you through the building blocks of the human mind and decision making progress. It's an audit for the decisions we make and why we make them. And it's bloody good.

It's during this process that I've started to become aware of some blind spots in my thinking. Areas where I've made assumptions about what is true and put in place my own imaginary limitations on what could be, labelling this and that impossible when it's far from it.

In other ways, I've realised patterns of behaviour that are just plain dumb. I'm naturally quite an agreeable person, most of the time I'm quite happy to go with the option the other person prefers, them being happy makes me happy. This can be good at times, but pleasing others has its limits.

I've realised that in my desire for the other person to be happy with a decision, where to eat out for lunch for example, that I often abdicate responsibility and force the other person to decide. But what if what they really want is for the decision to be made for them? Ultimately we've all got limited brain power and can only make so many decisions a day. Forcing them to spend some of their decision currency isn't quite as much of a plus for them as I first thought.

Something I'm learning to be better at is following my gut. Oh, this person is having a hard day and loves Chinese, let's go there. Hmm, now they've asked me which seat do I want? I don't care, give them the best one. I've had a really tough day and need to be looked after? Say so.

I guess this is all common knowledge to most of y'all. Not everyone is struck with being by default too agreeable (it's not as good as it sounds, being out of balance rarely is).

But most of all, what I'm realising is that my human machine has many blind spots. And if I don't take time to properly audit them with some regularity, I'll keep on keeping on. And I'll never know what's round that corner because I never looked.

But this Fred is looking.

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