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Blagging life

I’m off for a viewing now. On a flat. To buy.

This time last week the idea of buying was far from my mind. I hadn’t considered it for years really. It was just not on the cards.

But now, 5 days after a chat with a buddy of mine, I’m giving it serious consideration.

I’ve 6 viewings booked in this week, 3 today, 2 tomorrow and 1 Saturday. By then I should be in a better place knowing what’s roughly available on the market.

It feels an awfully adult thing to be doing. Am I really about to view a flat that I could potentially buy? Could it be that I will be the owner of this place in a few months time. Plausibly, yes.

I don’t feel ready. But then, I don’t think I ever will.

We all view ourselves in this strange concoction, morphed from our childhood to now over time. We still see ourselves as that 18 year old kid, we know the fears we had then and we’re intimate with those we have now.

We’re pattern marchers, too. And Fred’s never been to view a property with the potential of buying. That doesn’t seem a very Fred thing to do. Danger danger, my internal systems tell me.

No, it’ll be fine I tell myself. I’m just viewing a flat. You can do that.

And it is fine. But I still view myself as that young kid, still find it remarkable how I’ve got such a good job, still pinch myself I live in London, still wonder at how I’ve managed to get this far.

Day-by-day, is the answer. Step-by-step. Never quite knowing where each one will take me, but taking the step nonetheless.

Blagging life, is how I’ve often called it. Making it up as I go along.

And so, with 3 viewings today, plus a days work and a nerdy comedy evening, I’ll take today as it comes and not worry about the decisions of tomorrow, for as a wise man once said, today has enough worries of its own.

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