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A small part

Yet again it’s gone 11 I’m on a train home with friends and I need to write 300 words.

It feels pretty rude to do this.

But now it’s 11:50 as I decided not to be rude and time is running low.

Today’s been a good day. It was the final day of conference and it’s surprising how fast it’s flown by.

It’s been a great few days. Being able to serve others is always a blessing, and serving 10,000 women especially so.

My part in it all was very small. Welcoming ladies, handing out gifts and things like that. Nothing much at all.

But these things make a big difference. A warm welcome can make the change between a decent experience to a great one. It can add the cherry on top, it can be the missing piece of the puzzle.

Though my part was small, I know that each role needs to be completed. I know that each piece has it’s part to play.

In some ways my role felt insignificant, but I know it was important, and that it made a difference.

Some things are hard to measure. Knowing the impact we make in this world is one of those things. 99% of our impact is immeasurable. It’s in the things we can’t gauge, in the things we don’t even know about.

Today, as we greeted hundreds of ladies, I know that many of them will be struggling with serious issues. Some will be struggling with depression. Others abuse. Others meaninglessness.

When you have a big enough crowd you know that these issues are there. But when you see these faces you aren’t aware of it. You don’t see the battles going on underneath.

So, despite not seeing anything great, I’m confident that my small part made a difference.

And with that, that’s my 300 up. It’s 23:57. Better hit publish.

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