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Rewatching old films

Sometimes, all I want to do is watch something that I know the outcome of, like a warm bed that you climb into at the end of the day.

You know it'll be good, no matter how crappy your day was. Or, maybe you want to watch a film that makes you feel every emotion you don't want to feel in that moment. Whatever it is, rewatching an old film can be one of the most enjoyable and calming things you can do in a world where things change every second, one which you basically have no control over.

I've been an avid film-recycler since I was young, the first film I rewatched monthly being Erin Brockovich. I remember watching it for the first time on a long-haul flight when I was about twelve, my father sleepily suggesting I watch it from the row beside me. We had just started our ten-hour journey from the States from a holiday which I loved, and the memory of finishing off this trip with such a good film, on an aeroplane full of sleeping people, stuck with me. The association of this pleasant memory, coupled with one of my favourite films, led me to want to watch the movie whenever I felt down or grumpy.

Another film that I rewatch often is Falling Down with Michael Douglas. Admittedly, the film is not a bright and cheery one, in fact, it's the opposite - and one that my father would definitely not have recommended to me at the age of twelve. I rewatch it because I know from the start, with all the chaos and violence and unpleasantness of the scenario, that in the end, the character will face his redemption or his just desserts - whatever your opinion of Michael Douglas' character is. I know that I won't have any surprises at the end of the movie, that I'll be able to enjoy the plot and the acting and pick up on little details I wouldn't have if I was so engrossed in wondering what would happen at the end. This also applies to books, too. A reason I love re-reading books so much is that I can appreciate the artistic process and detail of the text, relishing the plot and character development of the book. After all, sometimes something is just so good that you want to be immersed in it again and again!

Sometimes, you just want to have some certainty. With everything going on during this hellhole of a year-and-a-bit, it's good to sit yourself down and watch or read something where you know you'll be right at the end.

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