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Cooking for the soul

A running joke a girlfriend and I have is documenting our so-called 'depression meals'. Depression meals, or meals you make when you're feeling absolutely worthless, require absolutely no creativity, enthusiasm or effort, which are three of the things you usually lack when you're in the midst of a depression or really low mood. Both of us have suffered from bouts of depression over the last years and one way of laughing at ourselves and adding a positive spin on the situation is to look back and document the worst meals we've ever prepared in an attempt to nourish ourselves.

The last depression meal I made was a few nights ago when I felt absolutely shattered, coming from a few rough days at work and general lockdown anxiety. I finished work at 6:45 pm and the last thing I wanted to do at that moment was to go out and buy groceries, dealing with the hustle and bustle and noise of the after-work supermarket rush. I went to my cupboard and realised, due to my scattiness and distractions of the previous days, that I hadn't bothered to go food shopping at all that week. Deciding against ordering in, I rustled together the saddest meal I could make - white rice and peppers with a mug of greasy miso soup. Unsurprisingly, it tasted like shit.

My friend, after seeing my meal in a photo I sent to her, responded with her meal: white rice and tomato sauce. Not even with a bit of cheese. What is it with rice and feeling like shit?

What makes me wonder is how, when we feel so low, our brains cannot communicate with us that we should eat. You completely neglect the human need to nourish yourself with foods that will energise you, make you feel more awake or give you the nutrients you need to keep going. And while it can serve as a coping mechanism for some people, it is no joke that this kind of behaviour can be devastating for some. If you feel like that, then here are some meals that take very little effort and can fill you up when you feel at your worst.

For some light relief, here's a thread of some of the grossest depression meals I've seen. And if you want, please share them with me - I'm ready to feel nauseous!


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