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You're Gonna Be Alright

That's probably the last thing you want to hear right now. It sounds like your pain is not being acknowledged. Maybe, it feels like making room for the possibility that you are going to be O.K. is a little bit like saying "well then it isn't all that bad".

Far from it. It is that bad. But you're still going to be alright. The chances you are going to get through whatever it is that is going on in your life right now are astronomically higher than the chances that you will never be fine again. All things considered, it is statistically extremely probable that a smile will escape your lips before Thursday next week. Even if you feel like doom and gloom. You will smile. Take me up on this bet, if you want.

You might not register that you smiled because you are not looking out for it but you still will. Maybe it's gonna be because of some stupid joke, or a flower, or at something someone says on the phone, or at a funny meme. Whatever the cause, the smile will come.

Perhaps it will not stick around for very long and perhaps you will still feel miserable. But still. The point stands. It only takes one smile to topple the statement "I will never smile again". Just one.

It's a bit vexing, no? A single slip up in the smile department will destroy your record of perpetual misery. It won't fix everything, sure, but it will be enough to disprove the point your misery has been trying to make for the last few hours, days, or weeks.

Sometimes, all you can do is look out for these smiles. Live from one to the next and keep watch for them. Look out so as to not miss them accidentally. It's like a game of endurance. You only have to make it to the next smile, to the next laugh, around the corner of the day. Don't look at the mountain. Just look for the next lantern along the road.

It is true, everything that goes up has to come down. Sounds bad, but it is actually comforting. It means everything that goes down also goes up again. Eventually.

So. You'll be alright.

Knowing this, you can last.


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