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Writing About The Basics

I wrote a blog post about a very basic concept in online-marketing today: What is a conversion?

I started by explaining why we call it a conversion in the first place and then went through some common cases that are applicable to all websites and most types of businesses.

It felt strange to write extensively about something so basic. In my world, everyone knows what a conversion is and everyone knows that there are different types of conversions. But my world is a world where we build websites and online stores for companies every day. It is a techy, super-connected world and while I am not a developer, I do interact with online business all the time. Every day. Even when I am not even trying, I am aware of online-marketing.

Our clients, however, are not. Our clients are super smart people who are extremely connected to their own businesses. They can tell me everything about how to run their business, the intricacies of their supply chain, every detail that goes into their product or service. But they have no idea about online-marketing or even online business. They don't do business online. But luckily for us, they would like to change that. That's why they are our clients.

So while to me it may feel weird and even a little smart-ass to write 700 words about the different conversion actions that visitors can take on a website, for my clients, this is news.

I have heard about this phenomenon before. You know, the fact that everyone has something to teach but that it is difficult to find out what it is because to ourselves, our special knowledge does not feel special. I have heard it a thousand times. But it wasn't until today that I felt it.

So here's to explaining the basics, even when it feels awkward.


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